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About Morristown Promotions

Morristown Promotions is the all-volunteer group that presents RIVER LIGHTS, Summer Flowers and Neighborhood Book Boxes.


In 2018, a small group of Morristown, NY residents came together to find ways to promote their beautiful community with festivals, beautification projects, and publicity. Their passion for their scenic, historic town on the edge of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 1,000 Islands area is strong, and all of upstate New York is beginning to experience the effects of their work.


In addition, the group is focusing on strengthening partnerships with other non-profit organizations and local businesses. Partners include: The Gateway Museum and Red Barn Preserve, The Morristown Public Library and more.

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River Lights

This annual event lights up the river during the darkest time of the year. Join us to celebrate and support this community event!

Summer Flowers

Morristown Promotions plants and waters flowers in 30 locations around Morristown. It's always beautiful here!

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Book Libraries

The group built and maintains book libraries for anyone to use in locations throughout the greater Morristown community.